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Derby NQT Pool 2018
For trainee school teachers looking for a first job:

Teachers looking to obtain their first job in Derby are invited to apply to this Derby NQT ‘pool’. It is organised by primary and secondary schools in the city and the details of those who successfully get into the pool are circulated to all Derby head teachers. They can select candidates from the pool and fast-track their recruitment directly to the final stage interviews at school.

The interviews to join the pool are held at Derby County’s iPro (Pride Park) stadium on 8th February with headteachers and senior leaders from across the city. They are looking for high quality new teachers who they would recommend to their headteacher colleagues in Derby. Being on the pool list is not a guarantee of a job, but your information is sent to all local headteachers recruiting in 2018. Being on the pool list will not be the only way of getting a job in a Derby school.

The Derby Primary Strategy Group (PSG) and Secondary Strategy Group (SSG) are co-ordinating this NQT Pool on behalf of all schools in the city of Derby.

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